IoT Long Range Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor

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IoT Long Range Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor We set out to build the world’s best...more
Product information "IoT Long Range Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor"

IoT Long Range Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor

We set out to build the world’s best Long Range Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor.  We blatantly attacked the shortcomings of all other sensors on the market to offer the best sensor solution at the best price.  Introducing NCD’s first long-range wireless temperature humidity sensor, boasting up to a 28 Mile range using a wireless mesh networking architecture.  Incorporating the Honeywell HIH9130 temperature humidity sensor, this transmitter will send beacons of high-accuracy ±1.7%RH ±0.6°C temperature and humidity data at user-defined intervals.  The on-board temperature humidity sensor is rated for -40°C to 125°C or -40°F to 257°F.  Powered by just 2 AA batteries (included) with a operational lifetime of 500,000 wireless transmissions, you can expect to achieve up to 10 years of battery life depending on environmental conditions and the transmission interval you choose.  Optionally, this sensor may be externally powered.

We opened the communications protocol so you can integrate this sensor with just about any control system or gateway you could ever want.  Send data to a PC, a Raspberry Pi, to Microsoft Azure® IoT, or Arduino.  Your data belongs to YOU and it’s up to you to decide where you want the data to arrive.  Don’t be bogged down by the limitations of proprietary cloud solutions, post the data where you need it most.  Speaking of Communications, NCD long-range wireless temperature humidity sensors use the DigiMesh® protocol from  DigiMesh® was designed by THE industrial leader in secure wireless communications for industrial applications.  DigiMesh® automatically hops data from gateway to gateway until it arrives at the desired destination.

There is no better Long Range Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor on the market today.  Nothing compares with the long range, the price, the accuracy, the battery life, or the security features we have to offer.

Now Supporting Microsoft Azure® IoT

We’ve been working with Microsoft engineers to post data from our sensors to Azure®.  If you need help integrating this sensor into Azure®, please let us know and we will work with you to get you connected!

industrial temperature humidity sensor

LabVIEW displays and logs data from our long-range wireless temperature humidity sensor.

We take software samples seriously!  Be sure to to check out the resources section of our web site to see code samples for Raspberry Pi, Visual Studio, LabVIEW, Arduino, Python, and more.  We can help you post data to your Azure IoT account with some of our tutorials!


  1. In House Temperature Humidity monitoring
  2. Storage Unit Weather Monitoring System
  3. Warehouse Temperature Humidity Monitoring System
  4. Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor For Crawl Space
  5. Temperature Humidity Sensor For Device Control Application
  6. Wireless Temperature Humidity Monitoring For Raspberry Pi/Arduino


802.15.4 Module Wireless

900HP-S3B Industrial Wireless Mesh

Long-Range Wireless Mesh networking is our favorite of all wireless communication technologies.  This communication module will hop data from one location to another to reach its intended destination.  Data hopping is a integrated feature of this communication technology, users do not need to do anything other than make sure wireless modules stay within hopping range of each other.  We use the Digi 900HP-S3B module in our products, as this is the best the industry has to offer.  With a 2 mile range between modules and up to 8 hops, it is possible to cover 16 miles of wireless territory using this technology.  Using high-gain antennas, this module is capable of communicating to a remote module up to 28 miles away.


  • Industrial Long Range Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor
  • Industrial Grade with a Sensor Resolution of ±1.7%RH ±0.6°C
  • Up to 500,000 Transmissions from 2 AA Batteries
  • 2 Mile Range with On-Board Antenna
  • Superior LOS Range of up to 28 miles with High-Gain Antennas
  • Interface to Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Azure, Arduino and More
  • Example Software for Visual Studio and LabVIEW
  • 256 Sensor Nodes per Network
  • Supports Wireless Mesh Networking
  • Connect With Any Your Favorite IoT Platform
  • NO Monthly Fee or Locked Proprietary Protocols
  • Small Form Factor Wireless Sensor (3×3 inch)
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