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  • LB-650-0009
Think of the threshold as a toll booth. When the signal passing through a circuit reaches it,...more
Product information "Threshold"

Think of the threshold as a toll booth. When the signal passing through a circuit reaches it, the threshold decides whether or not it can continue. Use it to make any sensor Bit (like a temperature sensor) into a trigger Bit!


How It Works


The threshold is a minimum parts count design, using only a single opamp to compare the input signal to an onboard reference that is set via the potentiometer control. U1 is configured as a non-inverting comparator with approximately 100mV of hysteresis provided by R1 and R3. VR1 provides the comparator's reference. C1 is a bypass capacitor for U1 that sources current to the opamp during fast switching events.

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With The Threshold Bit

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