Why you should buy from us

Some people ask us, 'Why should we buy from you when we are getting product X for USD Y ?'
X can be any product that we have available on our website
Y is the price of the product on the vendor's website.

The answer to this question is really very simple, but first let me ask a question, 'Do you get a $500 iPhone for the same price(say Rs.32000) in India?'
NO! You can not, not at all. But if you want us to give you the products for the same price, we can give it you, for lesser than the vendor price, if you can take care of the international shipping, customs and octroi by yourself.

Some things that you should always consider while calculating the price of a USD thing in INR are

  • If you buy in USD, you need to pay using a credit card, credit card companies charge a minimum of 3.5% on the daily exchange rates(Check your bank's website for daily FX-rates)
  • International shipping adds to the price of your things. We use FedEx International priority/UPS Express for all our orders from all our vendors(A typical order of $500 can attract a shipping charge of $120-$140)
  • Customs gets calculated on CIF value(Cost+Insurance+Freight), if you hear that the customs duty percentage for a particular thing is 28%, it will get levied on the CIF value.
  • Octroi gets calculated on the total cost(CIF+customs duty)