No wonder people are HAPPY with our service, they always say good things, but we'd like to list the best of them here.

We'll start with our favorite one
I'd like to take this opportunity to commend you on your prompt delivery, fair price and generally accommodating attitude despite my repeated delays. But most importantly, I am quite impressed(and grateful) with the trust you demonstrated by dispatching the Shipment before the full advance was paid, with not so much as a formal purchase order to rely upon for collateral.
           Truth be told, as is the case with most first time bulk orders I'd imagine, I sent out quote requests to all authorised Arduino dealers in India. Suffice to say, next time, if there is to be a next time, I shall dispense with that clearly unnecessary formality. This transaction was top notch in every measurable way, and I am glad to have chosen you and will definitely do so again should the need arise.
           Thank you once again.
-Monnish Pradeep(Bangalore)
Thank You for the chocolate and the RFID started kit. It arrived just today morning. I picked it from the Airport Warehouse of DHL.
My son liked your gesture. It will help him better for the presentation as it arrived earlier than expected.
May God Bless You and All in your family for your prompt and immediate response..
-Ramnarendran Somasundaram