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The codeBit levels up your littleBits circuits by allowing you to program how your Bits work....more
Product information "Codebit"

The codeBit levels up your littleBits circuits by allowing you to program how your Bits work. Using the littleBits Code Kit app you can command this Bit to create unique sounds, movements, and animations.

The codeBit dongle allows you to wirelessly upload code from your computer to your codeBit. 

The USB cable brings power to your USB power Bit and rechargeable battery. It will also send information between certain Bits and your computer.

Downloadable CodeBit Instructions

Real-World Analogies






















                    Air Traffic Control







                  Band conductor


Hoe It Works.


The codeBit is a miniature computer that you can use to control your circuit’s behavior. You can program your codeBit to do different things by writing code in the littleBits Code Kit app. When you’re ready, you can instantly upload the code to your codeBit to see how it works. Just like all other Bits, the codeBit needs to be connected to a power Bit in order to work. If you turn the power off, the Bit will stop working, but the code will still be on there and will start running when you turn the power back on.

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With The Codebit Bit

  • The  Quiz Show Game

              BY SWISEMAN

            We made a totally new invention. When you use our code a question pops up. The question is "Is the capitol of WV in Charleston?"

  • The Beating Heart

              BY WILLYK

           Ba-Boom. Ba-Boom. That's the sound of your animated heart (in littleBits form). This invention is a perfect extension for the Hello World activity in the Code Kit                   app.            

  • Light Saber Duel


           With just a few simple changes to code and decoration (and maybe a little help from the Force) my elementary school makerspace students transformed the                       littleBits Code Kit "Tug of War" project into an epic Star Wars lightsaber duel!

  • Tug Of War

              BY CHLOE

           Invent an electronic Tug-of-War! You'll need fast fingers to pull the flag off-screen first for the win.

  • Pop-A-Shot Basketball

              BY WILLYK

           Prove that you are the next Malcolm Brogdon by draining 3s on your own mini-basketball hoop. Keep score and challenge a friend with this Code Kit invention. It's             a great extension to the Ultimate Shootout lesson.

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