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Real-World Analogies














     Operation Game


How It Works


Make a touchpad out of ANYTHING by attaching alligator clips (4 are included!) to the Makey Makey Bit. For example: you and a banana. When you touch the banana, you complete the connection, and the Makey Makey Bit sends a signal to either your computer (move cursor left or right) or to your Bits (flash an LED or turn a motor). Scroll right to see the 3 interactions you can make!

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Touch To Bit

Trigger your Bits with any conductive object. Touch a banana to turn on an LED, splash water to move a servo motor, or turn a watermelon into a bass drum!

                                                                                   Check out TIPS & TRICKS


Bit To Computer

Use regular Bits, like sensors and triggers, to control the cursors on your computor. Make a whimsical photobooth with your computer by using the sound trigger. Take pictures with a clap, sneeze--anything that makes sound.

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Touch To Computer

Use any object that can hold electricity, like oranges, foil, or people, to control the cursors on your computer.

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With The Makey Makey Bit 

  • Human Circuit

              BY REMYNASA

           Now you are your own little bit! You can make a light flash or a sound buzz with just a touch of...

  • Nightmare Alarm

             BY AYASHIMADA

           It turns on a light when you scream because of your nightmare,so you wake up and,it also has a...

  • Touchlamp

             BY LEO SACCOMANNO

           Makey Makey lamp built with Mounting boards. Structure inspired in The Dotty Printer by Anahit

  • Tin Can Alley Game

             BY YUZIANA

           The Mega Fair Westerpark inspired me to build a tin can alley game. With a littleBits circuit, to...

  • Door Alarm

             BY PJPHOCKEY

           When you open a door an alarm is set off


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