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With the MIDI Bit, you can control your circuits and Synth Kit Bits from MIDI-enabled...more
Product information "Midi"

With the MIDI Bit, you can control your circuits and Synth Kit Bits from MIDI-enabled instruments and computer software! Send and receive MIDI messages, create your own MIDI controller with other Bits like the keyboard, and control Synth Kit Bits with software like Ableton Live, Logic, and Pro Tools. Includes: MIDI Bit, MIDI adapter cable + micro USB cable.

How It Works


The MIDI Bit functions by acting as a MIDI-to-voltage converter ("MIDI in" mode) and a voltage-to-MIDI converter ("MIDI out" mode). The MIDI Bit will show up in your DAW as a MIDI device. The note range of the Bit is from C2 to C6. MIDI note C2 generates an output CV of 0.2V. Thereafter, the output CV increases by 1V/oct up to C6.




Similar to the keyboard and micro sequencer Bits, the Bit has 2 outputs: A main bitSnap output that sends control voltages to other Bits (for instance, an oscillator) depending on which key is pressed and a "trigger out" output that sends a 5V, HIGH signal out to Bits (for instance, an i33 envelope) when any MIDI note message is sent.




Like with the keyboard Bit, the oscillator Bits will need to be tuned to play the correct pitches. See the "Tuning" invention in the Synth Kit booklet for more information. To help with tuning, standard digital instrument tuners can be used and there are many tuner apps available for smartphones




With The Midi Bit

  • Liue: The Littlebits Infinite Uncertainty Engine 

             BY JEFF BRAGG

           This is my refined littleBits west coast style synthesizer in its most simple form.

  • Korg Littlebits Modular Synth Left Coast With Korg SQ-1

             BY JEFF BRAGG

           A little West Coast style synth from a KORG littleBits modular synth system with a KORG SQ-1...

  • Card Reeder.

              BY MARALNOR

           With this thing, only one card will give a output. And if you use a wire into the...

  • Littlebits Jam W/ Max

             BY ETRA

           Synth Kit jam with midi triggered by Max patch nanopad through ableton

  • Beat Wheel & Cheeseboard Keyboard

             BY BITCAPER

           Beat Wheel - Holes in a spinning disc allow light through and trigger the...


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