Wireless Transmitter (5 Channels)

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You can control your Bits wirelessly with the inseparable wireless receiver & wireless...more
Product information "Wireless Transmitter (5 Channels)"

You can control your Bits wirelessly with the inseparable wireless receiver & wireless transmitter pair. The wireless transmitter gathers and encodes information (such as where you want an RC car to move) to send to the receiver. Pair this Bit with the wireless receiver, and you’ve got a remote control for your Bits.

How It Works.


This update on the w12 wireless transmitter allows for multiple wireless inventions in the same space, making it ideal for schools and makerspaces. The wireless Bits are able to communicate on 5 transmission channels, like a walkie-talkie. They just need to be set to the same channel (labeled a, b, c, d, and e) in order to talk to each other.




A single transmitter can send its signal to multiple receivers on the same transmission channel. However, multiple transmitters can’t send their signal to the same receiver. The 5 transmission channels allow for up to 5 transmitter/receiver pairs to be used in the same vicinity, which can reach a distance of 100 feet indoors!





With The Wireless Transmitter (5 Channels) Bit

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             BY MEROBOT

           This is a remote control car

  • Desk Alarm

             BY THEGUYXD

          This handy circuit will make an annoying noise and vibrate when someone is at your desk, drawers,...

  • Balloon Prank

             BY WIXTEDJJ

          We put the light sensor and the wireless transmitter into the refirgerator.  Whenever the...

  • Jokester Robot


           This robot likes to pull pranks and tell jokes.  He asks you to shake his hand, and then he...

  • Gold Bot


           This golden robot has eyes that light up, an LED antenna, a blue flashing light, and bargraphs...

  • A Light In The Night

             BY ANAÏSPRUNE

           What's worst than being lost in the dark after having been suddenly woken up by a frightening...


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