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The servo is a controllable motor that can swing back and forth or be turned to a specific...more
Product information "Servo"

The servo is a controllable motor that can swing back and forth or be turned to a specific position. Attach a flag to the arm to make it wave back and forth. There are even a few littleBits accessories made just for the servo (like the mechanical arm). 
*Bit not compatible with plastic accessories in Droid Inventor Kit

Real-World Analogies.














                     Car Engine














              Windshild Wipers


How It Works.


The servo has 2 modes. In TURN mode, the input from other Bits determines the position of the hub – try using a dimmer to set the angle you want. In SWING mode, the servo will move back and forth on its own like a pair of windshield wipers – the input signal controls the speed of the swing. The servo's range of motion is about 110 degrees.

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With The Servo Bit

  • Light Switch

           BY KNOELLER123

           This invention is a easy way to turn your lights on and off anywhere in your home.

  • Bed Lamp And Light Indicators

             BY WERNER

          This is a little led with a light indicator which will indicate the amout of light there is with...

  • Water Bottle Helicopter

             BY ENGIE854

          A moving helicopter rotor with adjustable speeds

  • The Littlebit Box

            BY SHRIVARSHAN

            It gives air conditioning and it has lights and it makes sound and has a servo


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