EasyLV-18F v6

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This Product has been discontinued. EasyLV-18F v6 The EasyLV-18F v6 development system...more
Product information "EasyLV-18F v6"

This Product has been discontinued.

EasyLV-18F v6

The EasyLV-18F v6 development system supports 40-, 28- and 20-pin PIC18J and PIC18K microcontroller families from Microchip. It comes with a PIC18F45K20. The system features a USB 2.0 programmer with mikroICD and many peripheral modules such as Serial RAM, EEPROM, COG Display, etc.


In-Circuit Debugger

On-Board USB 2.0 programmer with mikroICD (In-Circuit Debugger). mikroICD is a highly effective tool for Real-Time debugging at hardware level. It enables you to execute mikroC, mikroPascal and mikroBasic programs on a host PIC18J or PIC18K MCU and monitor variables values, Special Function Registers (SFRs), RAM and EEPROM memory modules while the program is running. There is also an ultra fast USB 2.0 programmer that supports a wide range of PIC18J and PIC18K MCUs.


PORTs, buttons and LEDs

PORTs, buttons and LEDs. 70 push buttons and 70 LEDs are connected to all microcontrollers pins. DIP switch is used to separate port pins from pull-up/pull-down resistors. 2 potentiometers are provided for testing multiple A/D conversions. Inputs can be configured via jumpers.


Displays and Touch screen. Graphic LCD 128x64 and LCD 2x16 can be easily connected via the on-board connectors. Board also features a Touch Screen controller. On-board 2x16 Character COG Display is connected via Port Expander.

Communication and Interfaces

RS-232 communication is enabled via DB9 connector and MAX232 level converter. USB UART module features the FT232RL interface between a USB device and the microcontroller. USB communication connectors are available for microcontrollers with USB facilities. 16-bit I/O port expander MCP23S17 enables you to add more inputs or outputs.

EEPROM, Piezo buzzer

RAM, EEPROM, Buzzer, Temperature sensor. Board features Serial EEPROM Module 24AA01 which can store up to 1Kbit of data and uses I2C communication and 64Kbit Serial RAM 23K640 with SPI interface. Piezo buzzer enables sound signalization, while temperature sensor DS1820 measures temperature from -55°C to 125°C. It is connected to the system via 3-pin socket.

Package Contains

  • EasyLV-18F v6 development system.
  • USB cable
  • Documentation


Applications The EasyLV-18F v6 development system provides a development environment for experimenting with PIC microcontrollers
Displays Connector for LCD 2x16 and GLCD 128x64, 2x16 Character COG Display,
Graphic controller Embedded inside MCU
Touch Screen Resistive
Architecture PIC (8-bit)
MCU Comes with PIC18F45K20
On-board modules A/D Potentiometer, 35 LEDs and push buttons, Socket for DS1820 temperature sensor
Programming On-Board USB 2.0 programmer and On-Board mikroICD (In-Circuit Debugger
Interface USB-UART (FT232RL), RS232 (MAX232 )
Storage 1KB Serial EEPROM (24AA01), 64 KB Serial RAM (23K640)
Sound and Audio Piezo buzzer
Expandability 1 x IDC10 header for each PORT
Integration Mounting holes
Input Voltage 5V (via USB) or 9-32V AC, 7-23V DC (via adapter)


 Installing USB drivers

 mikroICD User Manual

 Instalación de los controladores USB 

 mikroICD Manual de usuario

 PIC BASIC Book Preview 06

 EasyLV-18F v6 User Manual

 EasyLV-18F v6 Electrical Schematic

 EasyLV-18F v6 Examples

 EasyLV-18F v6 Manual de Usuario

 EasyLV-18F v6 Diagrama Esquemático

 Lv18PICFlash Programmerare Handbok

 mikroProg Suite for PIC

 Drivers for mikroProg Suite

 mikroProg Suite for PIC User Manual

 mikroProg Suite for PIC Manual de usuario

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