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  • MIKROE-1768
  • MIKROE-1768
WiFi2 click  features the  HLK-M30  WiFi module with a built-in TCP/IP protocol...more
Product information "WiFi2 click"

WiFi2 click features the HLK-M30 WiFi module with a built-in TCP/IP protocol stack. The click is designed to run on a 3.3V power supply; it communicates with the target MCU over an UART interface and the following mikroBUS™ pins: AN, RST.

TCP/IP client of server

WiFi2 click can be set up both as a TCP/IP client or server. You can configure it with either a static or dynamic IP address. Use the mikroBUS™ AN line (DEF on this click) to reset WiFi2 to default factory settings if needed.

Security and network protocols

WiFi2 click supports standard security authentication systems (WEP64/WEP128/ TKIP/ AES, WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK); as well as multiple network protocols (TCP/UDP/ DHCP/DNS). All these features make WiFi2 click ideal for home automation applications, remote controls, telemetry etc.

PBC antenna

The click features a PCB trace antenna, designed for the 2400–2483.5 MHz frequency band.


Type Wi-Fi
Applications WiFi2 click is simple to configure so is suitable for a wide range applications, including home automation, remote control and so on
On-board modules HLK-M30 WiFi
Key Features TCP/UDP/DHCP/DNS network protocols supported. Built-in EP64/WEP128/ TKIP/ AES, WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK authentication
Key Benefits Can be configured with a static IP address
Interface GPIO,UART
Input Voltage 3.3V
Compatibility mikroBUS
Click board size M (42.9 x 25.4 mm)

Key features

  • HLK-M30 module
    • Supports 802.11b/g/n
    • TCP/UDP/DHCP/DNS network protocols supported
    • Built-in EP64/WEP128/ TKIP/ AES, WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK authentication
  • Interface: UART
  • 3.3V power supply

Pinout diagram

This table shows how the pinout on WiFi2 click corresponds to the pinout on the mikroBUS™ socket (the latter shown in the two middle columns).

NotesPinMikrobus logo.png


Reset to default factory settings DEF 1 AN PWM 16 NC Not connected
Reset module RST# 2 RST INT 15 NC Not connected
Not connected NC 3 CS TX 14 TX UART transmit
Not connected NC 4 SCK RX 13 RX UART receive
Not connected NC 5 MISO SCL 12 NC Not connected
Not connected NC 6 MOSI SDA 11 NC Not connected
Power supply +3.3V 7 3.3V 5V 10 NC Not connected
Ground GND 8 GND GND 9 GND Ground


This function powers on the WiFi2 click module and must be executed before any usage of the click board functionality.

01 void WiFi2_PowerON( void )
02 {
03     WiFi2_DEF  = 1;
04     WiFi2_RST  = 0;
05     WiFi2_TX   = 0;
06     WiFi2_RX   = 0;
07     delay_ms( 500 );
08     WiFi2_RST  = 1;
09     delay_ms( 100 );
10     WiFi2_TX   = 1;
11     delay_ms( 100 );
12 }
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